The new field of quantum biology has an interesting explanation for how certain chemicals, herbs, spices and natural medicines work to heal or cure illness and disease.

Quantum physics tells us that at the absolute smallest unit of reality, everything is made up of energy fields and vibrations. Atoms are not orbiting billiard balls around a central nucleus, instead they are energy fields existing at different states.

Quantum biology applies this to human biological systems, and describes the human organism as an extremely complex set of interacting force fields or wireless fields, each one communicating with the other through various vibrations or wireless connections.

Quantum physics tells us that each type of cellular component and chemical has its own unique energy field and vibration, in effect a unique 'signature'.

Quantum biology connects the dots, and explains how a 'medicine' can 'heal', in terms of an energy signature acting as a key to a lock, or as an adjustment to a frequency, or as a wireless handshake.

So our simple understanding is that certain herbs, spices and plant materials, have energy field signatures which influence or change human biological energy fields, and so can 'adjust' the entire human organism.

In conventional terms these ingredients supercharge the immune system.

Often we can't understand how it works, but by repeated observation and recording of results, we can understand that there is a cause and effect relationship. It is not an exact science but then no person is precisely like any other person. We are all very different.