Royal Raymond Rife was a scientist who developed sophisticated optical and frequency technology to target and destroy certain illnesses in the 20th century, working extensively between 1920 and 1950.

A number of regulatory authorities attempted to at first purchase, and then dispute, the patents on his technology. Finally an arson attack completely destroyed his laboratory, instruments and records.

In a comprehensive effort organized by regulatory authorities, all records of his work were then aggressively removed from medical and historical documents for a period of almost thirty years.

No medical student even knew his work existed for this period.

However in 1986 some of his research surfaced, and numerous investigations then followed from scientists and doctors who wanted to know what work he did, and more importantly, why his work was almost completely expunged from all historical records.

He died a pauper, but ensured that his story and the technology he invented would never be forgotten by swearing a number of court affidavits before his death. He knew that court records were almost untouchable and that the authorities who were trying to erase the records of his work, would struggle to remove them.

These, plus numerous written papers, testimonials and newspaper articles, are all collected here.

Many specialists continued the work of Royal Raymond Rife, including Dr Hulda Clark, a pathology specialist. Her work acted as a 'bridge' to ground breaking technologies used to 'zap' parasites, which are now accumulating extensive supporting research.

Dr Henry Lai, a research scientist and bioengineering professor at the University of Washington, Seattle, has independently tested the below device under controlled conditions and obtained substantial confirmation of the effectiveness of the frequencies generated in killing certain pathogens, while leaving normal cells unharmed.

Frequency Zapper (Specifically for killing internal parasites, often related to mercury fillings which overwhelm the immune system.)

The above website has been set up by Ken Presner and contains a wealth of information and testimonials, as well as Dr Lai's research findings.

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