Welcome to Health Frequency - This website is provided as a public educational service.

Wherever possible, credit is given to the original authors and reference made to the published studies.

We have collected information about a number of natural health treatments which are supported by extensive medical research and in some cases hundreds of years of documented experience across the world.

These treatments are not available via conventional medical recommendations or covered by medical insurance. However, they cost very little and are known to have very few and very mild side effects. In many cases there are qualified medical specialists who have staked their professional reputations and careers on the efficiency and effectiveness of these treatments.

We believe that these treatments are not part of the conventional medical portfolio for the simple reason that there is no commercial or profit opportunity. In some cases these treatments have been actively suppressed by various organizations and discredited in medical journals. Many of these treatments now have new research studies being published which are redirecting efforts back to these original treatments.

We are not interested in the history. We are only interested in solutions.

The internet now provides each human being with the opportunity to do immense amounts of research very quickly, and to determine their own course of action with regards to taking responsibility for their health. Around the globe, research teams are finding controlled, double blind research results which support these treatments.

We wish you well on your journey. Please do your own research and decide for yourself.